The love that kills

by Foster-Pilkington

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released December 5, 2015



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Foster-Pilkington Brightlingsea, UK

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Track Name: The love that kills
Robin and Jo met on May the first amongst trainee maverick entrepreneurs protesting against the ways of the world. they became a couple with a lot of ideals - so ideal they were pretty unreal - together they would take on the world. And every day became another cross to bear, forsaking luxuries for a world that hardly cared With all the love that kills, what on earth can save us all? With all the love that kills in a world that wants it all and wants it all now! So they went on to university where their values changed by several degrees as careers took centre stage. After graduation the found positions with firms that made nothing but paid decisions and fears for an uncertain world. Now everyday they just look after number one. What price is luxury for a daughter and a son? With all the love that kills, what on earth can save us all? With all the love that kills, in a world that wants it all and wants it all NOW!
Track Name: Losers
Note: THESE ARE NOT MY THOUGHTS I keep receipts for everything I claim so no expense can slip away. I give them to this guy who handles all my tax and his accounting alchemy leaves nowt to pay. 'Cause the poor have just themselves to blame so why should I help them? Maybe a few are genuine, but it;s their problem - not my problem. So I say Never mind the losers with their poor excuses - think number one. Never mind the scroungers in their undeserved houses - think number one! With all the income tax I've managed to avoid, the proceeds went towards a flash new car. And it's worth every penny to see faces full of envy, yet I worry sometimes if they might wish it harm. But one day I got really scared when driving down my street - rioters wanting their fair share. I looked so elite so guess who got beat? And the rioters said in no uncertain words straight to my face: Who thinks we're losers with poor excuses? Yes, he's the one. Who thinks we're scroungers in undeserved houses? Yes, he's the one! Well it's a good thing someone paid for the abulence - I suppose.
Track Name: Is it really you talking?
You're not the person that I thought I knew. Received opinion's changed your attitude. You say that what you read makes so much sense but all the words sound secondhand that you dispense. Is it really you talking, or someone else? You say that you can read between the lines 'till satisfied they might be on your side. But what they write stems from self-interest - designed to keep you blind yet you remain impressed. Is it really you talking, or someone else? You claim they stand for all things just and fare - with words backed by some avaricious billionaire Is it really you talking or someone else?
Track Name: Do my eyes see everything?
If every picture tells a story for better or worse who's to know what really happens in yours? With a face like a picture that's too good to be true I'd have to read the whole book to be sure. 'Cause closing my eyes won;t take you away, inward replies just make me look back again. But before I submit to what I have to admit there's only one thing that I'm left with to say. Do my eyes see everything when I'm looking at you? Take a look at a person anybody will do, well have you thought what they're all looking for? If I tried to imagine myself inside you, would I feel more at ease than before? 'Cause closing my eyes etc.
Track Name: Panic attack blues
I'm feeling claustrophobic yet there's no one else around. My pulse is getting faster and now it starts to pound. I guess I've those panic attack blues. I've tried those beta-blockers, I've just tried to relax but when a start a shaking there;s no turning back. I've guess I've got those panic attack blues. Well You don't know when they'll strike 'cause they'll attack just when they like - to leave you in the coldest sweat and make you think you're as good as dead! Well I've hit upon an answer that helps me to survive - I just say to my body well go on then just die, die die! And I've got panic attack blues!
Track Name: Pulp non-fiction
Crumbs form the sandwich of a butchered breast fall upon the cleavage of her sunbed chest. She opens her compact - yes she still looks good for a woman who's well into adulthood. And she knows that certain men can be bastards, it's a lesson she's learned from a marriage as long as it lasted with a life-style she's grown accustomed to - she expects nothing less from number two. She says she's seen the light by electric candlelight. Seen the light. Flattered by advances from much younger men but with chat up lines she's heard again and again - as her life revolves around empty glitz will her Mr Right still remain a myth? And she knows that men can also be liars, who'll promise the earth for what it's all worth then deny her - a like she's love all the world to see, like those pictured in her magazines. She says she's seen the light etc.
Track Name: If this isn't good -what is?
A blue patch in the sky in the middle of July. A train that's just arrived -we're going to be on time. A greeting with a smile as you walk into the room. a cool breeze in the middle of the hottest afternoon. If this isn't good - what is? The turning of the key that opens up the lock, pulling on the string and loosening the knot. A light that's changed to green and we're heading on our way - a message just received says it's going to be okay! If this isn't good - what is?
Track Name: Private renters blues
Just received an eviction order twenty-one - for paying the rent on time's the only crime I've ever done. All those years I've paid and this is all the thanks I get a charge for moving that's enough to throw me into debt. Just got eight weeks before I'm out on the street, the price of places so high they gone right out of my reach and I say - I can't afford me a home (repeat) Despite working every single day of the week, I can't earn enough to raise the rent that I need. I can't afford me a home! A bit of wear and tear so that's all my deposit gone. Rip off fees have sunk my funds to somewhere next to none. Just gave the landlord nearly everything I have - it's what happens when there is no bank of mum and dad. The kids changing schools are getting sick of new rules. Who's going to stop this abuse - make it to of the news! I can't afford me a home etc. Dread to think what happens when I get to pension age too many rainy days have made it hard for me to save. Rent will swallow more than everything I might be due so like many others I'll be well and truly destitute. It wont' be eight weeks before I'm out on the street, the price of places so high they'll be way out of my reach and I'll say I can't afford me a home.
Track Name: Plebs
You worked for a company that used to pay a living wage until they kicked you out leaving you redundant. Signing on the dotted line making sure you're never late. There's a voluntary offer you take with some reluctance. But then you get a certain sense of de ja vu. It's you're old work place but this time they're not paying you and It's not alright why should we plebs all pay when it's the fault of the banker and the corporate man? Working zero hours and you can't afford to pay the rent so before you know it you're queuing up at the food bank. The media make it look you live a life of overspend but when austerity rules dignity has next to no chance. Don't get a fatal illness 'cause that's no excuse - the press may laugh at you and call it gross pretense. And it's not alright etc. Don't try to blame it on the immigrants ;cause if you do then you're so ignorant - so ignorant. (Inst) Using debt to force through ideology that benefits the few but will all rest all see - It's not alright etc.